Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waiting Here for YOU

Love love love these verses. They remind me to keep my eyes fixed forward on what HE is doing and forgetting the struggles of  yesterday. This is a constant battle for me.

Heard a song today, by Christy Nockels, that really ministered to my heart. It says..."I am waiting here for You." That is what I want the cry of my heart to be each day. That I sit at His feet and get refreshment from the One source that gives it. In His Word. In worship.

What's has your quiet time looked like this week? 

Our pastor has said that if you asked what his devotion life looked like... it would depend on the week you asked him :) Some weeks are tougher, than others, to get into the Word. 

But we know that it is there in between those pages, that healing and Truth is revealed. As we sit, HE tells us who we are as moms. As friends. As wives. As colleagues. As daughters. HE reminds us of where we are headed...not where we have been. 

Below is the song I referenced. Get a cup of coffee or tea. Sit back, lift your hands, and adore our Maker. Sing Alleluia. 

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