Monday, January 20, 2014

Even the Hard Stuff...

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near.” Revelation 1:3

For most of my adult life I have avoided the book of Revelation like the plague. Why? Because I was repeatedly told when I was little that it was a “tough” book, and that I should not read it because…(insert a variety of reasons here). Lately, however, I have been blessed to study and teach this book to the youth (high school and young adult ministry) at my church.

To be honest, it is one of those books that I have to “buckle up and put on my big girl boots on” in order to fully comprehend the message that God is communicating to us, His people. I mean I have to cross-reference Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, etc. just to wrap my mind around some of the details….BUT we have been so amazingly blessed by really digging into this book.

You see, at the heart of Revelation is the culmination of God’s love story to his people. He will not stop short of pursuing His people, revealing His love to them, warning them of the fate of the unrepentant, and judging the wicked. Reading this book has been an adventure to say the least. But Revelation 1:3 rings true. There are many blessing in store for those who read and take to heart the words of this book. If you knew a hurricane was going to hit your town soon, wouldn’t you prepare yourself and your family?

Well, imagine my surprise when my oldest Doodlebug (a precocious 6 year old), decided that since I was reading Revelation, he was going to also. To top things off, he turns to Chapter 12 to start and says, “Mommy this chapter is called,’ The Woman and the Dragon’”. YIKES!!! Here we go! What was my response?

I was tempted to back away (slowly…LOL) and tell him all the “reasons” to avoid this book until he was older…the same reasons people had given me. However, when I sheepishly said we would talk about it later, he proceeded to read it himself. Hmmmm…what’s a mom to do?! Ban him from reading it? Of course not!

So….I am preparing to go through this book with my son. I will try my best to explain things in a way that are age appropriate for him, and to help him see the heart of the Gospel in Revelation. Would you consider doing the same? If you have not personally gone through the book of Revelation, I would encourage you to do so. There is a blessing for all those who read, hear, and keep the words of this book.


Heavenly Father, thank you that every word in your holy Word is useful for teaching and instruction in Godly living. Thank you for the prophecies of the past and those that are yet to come. Lord, when we read your Word, I pray that you would give us wisdom and understanding so that we can comprehend the vast greatness of your character, your love, and your plan for all mankind. May we not shrink away from reading the “hard stuff”…and teaching it to our children. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 

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