Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let Heaven Fill Your Thoughts

This morning I was spending time with the Lord and began perusing through my Bible looking at sections I had underlined throughout. I came across this verse....

Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth. - Colossians 3:2

1. Don't get so worked up over the little things.
    Sometimes I find myself so focused on there here-and-now that I feel overwhelmed.
    I want to let go of my frustration and start afresh daily...not holding onto any bitterness
    over sins that my kids don't yet have victory over...realizing it's only
    through prayer that true change can happen. They are a work in progress...just like me.
    Life is short. Enjoy your kids because the time passes quickly.

2. Remember where I am going.
    Daily I want to ponder over where I am headed. I need to
    remember this isn't my home and that while on earth the Lord is giving me tons of
    stretching opportunities to better reflect His image. I want to let heaven fill my thoughts.
    Memorizing scripture and spending time with my Heavenly Father, throughout
    the day, will keep my focus on the things He cares about.

3. Make deposits for the future.
    As I teach my kids and love them through the struggles I make heavenly deposits with
    eternal value. Allowing His Word to speak life over my little ones and it reminds me of Truth too.
    Looking for teaching opportunities to direct their focus on eternity. I have come to recognize that
    as I seek to invest spiritually the Lord does a work in my own heart as well. Making me more
    compassionate while reminding me of His unconditional love.

Do you get worked up over the little things?

Is your focus on where you are headed or where you are now?

Are you continuing to invest and make deposits that will have a great return value as your kids grow?

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  1. This is the outline for the next time you are asked to teach!! Excellent Kate! xo