Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Will They Remember?

James 4:14-15

I was recently relaxing in my living room, watching the TV screen, as it displayed all our digital pictures up for a few seconds before more would appear. It's the Apple TV screen saver, which is always a beautiful display of memories. Hundreds of photos emerge onto the screen and form a big puzzle and disappear. 

As I watched in awe over the last six years of being a Mommy, I was reminded of all the memories we have made. Trips, both long and short, doing arts and crafts, play dates, library times, along with those simple times we made a big deal by taking a picture with our phone. They were posted for me to relish and remember. It was so sweet as I recalled those candid moments so dear to my heart. 

Last night at a Bible study, an older mom shared how her grown kids told her (during Christmas time) of the great memories of their childhood. She was in awe because she didn't remember it being that way. But isn't that just like our kiddos. They always tend to focus in on and tell of the good memories they have. I pondered what my kids might share with me about their childhood when they are grown too. I thought of those digital pictures on my TV and how I strive to make lasting memories with my kids they will cherish and replicate with their own kids. Sometimes though as moms we can be tough on ourself wondering what they will remember from their childhood. Will they remember all that we have invested and shared with them? THEY WILL. 

Moms...don't be so hard on yourself. Your kids love you. They are cherishing every small and big moment you create with them. Make memories. Take pictures.  Keep investing. They will remember. You are making a difference :)

What is the Lord saying to you today??

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