Friday, January 10, 2014

What's Your Mantra?

“…You are not grumbling against us, but against the LORD.”
Exodus 16: 9

         You think you are doing a pretty good job parenting and then you slow down long enough to recognize a theme.  The theme can be: "stop fighting with your brother!" or "don't get up from the table until we are all finished" or "be polite," or "tell the truth," or "be nice" (you get my drift?) 
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         During Christmas I recognized the theme (as spiritual and responsible as the cover appeared) of saying, “we don’t have money…for that.”  As the holiday came and went I have continued to hear that mantra in our home.  Yes, certainly from us but now the children are saying it as well.
         As I was talking to our son in college, the words, “we don’t have money for that…” became fingernails on a chalk board.  I heard it over and over, from the extravagant (mini vacations and cars) to the simple (groceries and gas.)
         “We don’t have money for that” truly means, we are choosing not to spend our money on that.  I began to hear this theme as a slam to our Almighty Provision Provider.  Yes, it is important to be a wise steward, to carefully spend what has been entrusted to us to steward.
         But really, "I don’t have money for that?"
         So, I’ve challenged our family and now I challenge you.  Lets consider the implications of sounding so holy.  Let’s be honest.  We do have the money but will we choose not to spend it there.
         This ongoing mantra sounds much more like complaining and whining then being spiritually savvy and wise.  Let’s give God His rightful place of praise and glory for His abundance and of His knowledge of what we do and don’t need.
         But moms, it starts with us.  My kids didn’t make up this mantra.  They learned it from me.  So today, I have plenty; actually I have more than enough.  God has met and exceeded all I will ever need.  I don’t want to be guilty of complaining or not being grateful.  Jesus is enough!



  1. I love this, thank you Joannie!

  2. Amen! Love this...SO going to make this change in my life and choose to come up with a better mantra! :)