Saturday, February 1, 2014

Theme Park 101 - PART 2

My last post was about my most recent family trip to Disney and the nuggets I learned along the way. Even though I have been there many times, the Lord revealed a lot of simple truths that if I apply will lessen the stress. It will also allow me to enjoy it more as well! Here's the rest of them.....

5. Must rest & take breaks
Allow your family to have breaks from the crowd. We need to get away. Go back to your hotel room and go for a swim. Go back to your hotel room and watch some TV or play the iPad so you can relax and recharge. Go out to lunch away from the park. Allow your family to breathe without tons of people right next to them. This is always such a relief and recharges us to go back later and truly enjoy the rest of our day.

6. Mindful of Ministry
While you focus on the details of your trip, the Lord has ministry opportunities throughout your time away as well. Be mindful of those cashiers, other families, and people HE has placed alongside you as you travel. Be a LIGHT as you enjoy your vacation. Look for ways to bless others. It will remind your kids that it's not all about them...but about JESUS! HE may just place someone around you that needs to hear the Gospel.

7. Morally Upright
My kids have always been on the taller side which allows them, most times, to ride the bigger rides before their age. Well this last time my oldest wanted to ride the race cars alone, and he was about 2 inches too short. To be honest, my heart was thinking, "What's the big deal...he's a big kid and totally can handle it!" But the Lord impressed upon my heart that, that too, is a ministry opportunity with my family. To remind them...we must obey and honor the rules put in place by Disney. It allows my kids to see that my husband and I follow Truth and obey rules too! Many times we slip and make simple decisions that are morally wrong forgetting our kids are ALWAYS watching. Be careful. Be honest. Obey the rules even when it's hard. You are setting an example that will be repeated by your kids as they grow.

8. Make Memories & Be in the Present
I love the iPhone. It is awesome. It takes great pics we can later share with others. It allows us to keep the kids busy while waiting in long lines. It makes it easier to connect if my husband and I get separated. But many times we are preoccupied with Facebook, email, and our mobile device instead of enjoying the quality time before us. Make memories. Allow your "internet connection to go down" while you are in the present. Cherish the family time. The internet will be there when you return from your vacation as well.  

How was your last vacation?
Can you relate?
What is your take-away from this post?

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