Friday, February 28, 2014

Respect Them!

Colossians 3: 21
“…do not provoke your children to wrath, lest they become discouraged.”

I was so blessed to be at ladies Bible study today!  In the next few days the teaching will be uploaded to under women’s ministry.  You will want to listen to every word by April Halleran.
April’s topic was “Respect.”  She shared many personal stories.  April talked about the fact that children are called to respect their parents. 
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She said as parents we must set the rules for our children.  We must demand they comply to our standards in order to make our families work.
From the above verse, April challenged the listener to consider how we can show respect to our children.  She asked us as parents to evaluate how we respect our children, their interests, hobbies and desires. 
I loved the story April told of her oldest son Patrick.  April recalled that she and her husband, Charlie yearly attend a Christian leadership conference.  While making plans to attend this year, Patrick brought to their attention the playoffs for his soccer team was the same weekend. 
April pointed out Patrick is on the varsity team but he is a freshman, making him the smallest and least experienced of the team.  She said he spends more time as a “bench warmer” than on the field.  However, due to Patrick’s love of the game he acts as if he is in every play. 
After praying about the upcoming conference April’s husband Charlie said he felt they needed to miss this years conference in order to honor Patrick’s play offs.  April said Patrick immediately stood a little more proud. 
As Patrick walked on the field she and Charlie noted that he looked like he had grown.  The game had barely started before Patrick was put in and scored his first goal.
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April and Charlie felt like the Lord had rewarded them for putting value on Patrick’s play offs.  By putting value on what was important to their child, God seemed to honor their decision by allowing Patrick to score.

Moms, this week find a way to place value on what your children do.  If its collecting baseball cards, sit with them and really talk about the players and why they like them.  If your child enjoys art, join them in their hobby.  Let your child know that you support them and value what they do!
In showing value to our children we will exemplify respect. It is amazing how much easier it is for them to respect us when we respect them!


  1. Joannie I love that you shared this, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it. What a great way for us to illustrate respect for our children by actually taking the time to be involved in what's important to them and their passions! Looking forward to listening to the whole study. :)

  2. You're gonna love it!! There was no way to summarize the amazing job April did! Enjoy your babies and their loves!