Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Child's Struggle REVEALS My Own Heart

Often my child's struggle reveals whats on the inside of my heart. It's as if their meltdowns are a highlighter underlining all the issues and illuminating them for me to see. As if there is a magnifying glass enlarging all my areas needing work. 

My own self-control - is the area HE is choosing to challenge me on this week. I preach "self-control" to my kids daily and yet that is the area I, myself, am lacking. With three very active and challenging kiddos, somedays I find myself losing patience and yelling out of frustration. 

It's a wild thing, but many times as my kids test the waters, it is what is on the inside of my heart that spills over. Oh especially on those days when my quiet time, with Jesus,  has been little to none.

I  need to bring my struggle before my Creator and ask for HIS wisdom and strength. Allow HIM to cleanse me and give a fresh new attitude as I start each day. That is when I am truly refreshed!

What does your quiet time look like?

Do you find yourself struggling more when you've missed your quiet time? 

What is HE highlighting in your life today that needs change? 

Ask HIM for help. HE longs for you to ask for HIS strength to uplift your tired and weary arms.

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  1. Ahh Kate that is such a great revelation. Once we are able to recognize what God is trying to teach us and see our sin for what it is makes a huge difference in applying change, with the power of God, to our lives. xo