Friday, March 7, 2014

Can you find your keys?

        Greg and I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the “Strong Marriage” series our church is hosting.  We chose the title of our teaching, “Seven Keys to Making your Marriage Work.”  
         As many of the posts in Parakaleo reflect, we believe our marriages are the paramount relationship.  Successful parenting is a by-product of a successful marriage.  
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We had a difficult time choosing only 7 for a single teaching. Our preparation included each of us writing what we thought the “Seven Keys” should be.  We ultimately settled on the following:

Key #1
Follow the Instructions (God’s Word)
Key #2
Live in Trust (with honesty and forgiveness)
Key #3
Die to Self
Key # 4
Speak Each Others Love Languages
Key # 5
Spiritually Grow – Together
Key # 6
Enjoy Each others Differences
Key # 7
Make Time for Each Other

         We used verses to support each key and personal stories to explain the key and better relate with those in attendance.  Greg shared the seventh key was given to us by my father.
         When Greg asked Daddy’s permission to marry me almost 27 years ago, my dad’s response other than “yes” was, “always make time for each other.”  Greg and I have made this a priority through the years.  Every season of our lives has been filled with its own distractions and busy-ness.  We have had to purpose to date weekly and go away yearly for our anniversary.  These “dates” and “overnight excursions” rarely are pricey or complicated but it is what we look forward to in the midst of our busy lives.
         My challenge this week is for you and your spouse to find your own keys. Write down your own 7 Keys to Making Your Marriage Work.  

         Your 7 Keys will possibly reflect your spouses. However, they could be very different.  Pray and ask the Lord for His direction and continue to seek to make your marriage work.  In making your marriage work you will find your children think you are awesome parents!

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