Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Touching God’s Word

“Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

How do we get our kids to have that precious, everlasting truth inside their hearts?  --Have them practice and experience Scripture.  I have this great book called “My ABC Bible Verses” by Susan Hunt.  The tagline is “Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts.”  Susan gives you a Bible verse, a clear explanation of what the words mean and then a story where the characters use the verse in a practical situation.

We were at church and our 2 ½ year-old daughter Jordan was intrigued by a friend’s little baby boy.  All she kept asking was “Can I touch the baby?”  She has plenty of real-like dolls she cares for but THIS was a REAL baby!  I let her touch his feet (socks) – as she had not yet washed her hands from Sunday School.  (I guess I couldn’t resist either because before I knew it I was touching baby’s arm!)

Opening the Bible is like touching the baby.  God is real.  God’s word is tangible and we need to let our kids see that too.  Let’s use God’s word in everyday life.

We use the “A” verse from the ABC book a lot“A soft answer turns away wrath” Proverbs 15:1

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  1. Ooh, thanks, Laura! I was just remembering you do a great job with this and was going to ask you again for your resources. Thank you!!