Saturday, March 29, 2014


You will enjoy
 the fruit of your labor. 
How joyful and prosperous 
you will be!
 - Psalm 128:2

Two weeks have passed since my son, who is four, under went major reconstructive bladder surgery. What a whirlwind it has been. Exhausting both emotionally and physically. We were juggling the other two children with his seven day stay  in the hospital.

My oldest, who is extremely energetic and very challenging at times, struggled with transition back and forth from hospital to "Mimi's" house - where he stayed. He would misbehave when with us because he couldn't express how he was feeling. Many nights I cried because of his behavior and wondered if it would get better. I questioned if all we'd taught him was hidden somewhere.

Then a break through happened. It was a sweet reminder, from Jesus, that seeds have been planted and will bloom at the perfect time. We were playing outside in the front yard at "Mimi's" and heard an ambulance go by. My oldest (the challenging, very energetic one) motioned the rest of us to come close and hold hands. We did and he led us in a beautiful prayer for those being rushed in the ambulance. 

In that moment I realized...he gets it. I get it. The labor of planting seeds of Truth is taking root. Even though some days seem as if the weeds are overtaking and growing stronger. I have to continue, pull those out, and use them as teaching lessons-for both him and I- and continue plowing the soil of his heart. I must trust that Truth that has been spoken over him and modeled will resonate and remain when the chaff blows away.

It may seem small and insignificant to most, but it was huge to me. It was huge to my heavenly Father who rejoices over the simplest detail - that reflects the character of Jesus. 

As I watched him gather us together and listened to his lips utter a prayer for someone he never met, I was reminded that the "crazy" can turn into the "courageous" when turned over to the Lord. That God has great things in store for him.

Afterwards, I pulled him aside and praised him for that awesome act. Sharing how that is a characteristic of a leader. One who calls others to do great things. And that God wants him to be a leader.

Find one Christ-like characteristic your child has done this week, this month, or maybe this year. Stop and praise them for the fruit that reflects Jesus. Praise Him for it too!  

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  1. Beautiful post, Kate! I love that your oldest is a prayer warrior and a leader. That's not the first time I've heard of him leading others to pray! I know your words of praise will linger in his heart and mind for years to come. The words you shared built his self-esteem, validated him and most important, made him know God is pleased with him. Just awesome!!