Friday, March 21, 2014

I wake with you on my mind...

I Samuel 12: 23
“As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord
 by failing to pray for you.”
         I have a list of mommies who need my prayers.  I think of Shona and Madie and Karla as they pack up for a church trip to Israel and leave behind a total of nine children.  Their excitement for a visit to where our Savior was born has been overshadowed by concerns for their children, which will be in others care.
         I have a constant call to be in prayer for Kate as they wait to hear “Jack is ready to go,” meaning they can leave the hospital after a long surgery and recovery.
         I’m praying for Dina as God is in the process of knitting together their fifth little bugaloo.
         I’m praying for Faith to enjoy her last days in Europe while her babes are in the care of their dad and daycare.
         I’m actually praying for you…Parakaleo Moms. You are moms who care about your children, your families and your relationship with Christ.

         As moms we are called to stand in the gap for one another.  It’s easy to get wrapped up and far too focused on our busy and sometimes chaotic lives. 
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      Our challenge today is to pray for each other as moms.  When one of your friends come to mind, pray for them.  Pray for their walks and commitments to the Lord Jesus, their husbands and children.  Pray for wisdom to parent, protection for their children and their ability to enjoy wherever the Lord has them today.  Lets stand in the gap for one another.

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