Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stop Speaking...Start Praying

Earlier tonight I "shared" with my husband some frustration I had over the way another child treated our son. Granted my son definitely can provoke like the best of them, but it was the way this older boy really had an attitude afterwards toward him that bothered me so. As we began to talk, my husband reminded me gently to quietly let it go. The Holy Spirit reminded me to pray for that boy and also for a softening of my heart towards the "meanie." It was a challenge though because I really enjoyed just telling it and having a listening ear.

We can easily slip into gossip and not even recognize it...especially sharing with family about issues with our kids. Even more-so... if it's a wrong done against our child, right? Be careful Christian that you don't fall into sin because of a sin done against your child. Satan is crafty. He wants us to harbor bitterness in our heart and then share it with others. As we share that gossip goes down into the innermost parts of our heart. Staying there for future times we feel the need to "share" with someone else. Be careful. Your little ones are watching. They will emulate you and repeat your 
offense :)

Has someone offended you regarding your child? 

Have you committed to praying for that person? You should. Allow your heart to be softened and watch the Lord work. In you. In them. In the life of your child.

Be challenged. Be changed.

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