Saturday, February 15, 2014

Your Greatest Contribution

Tuesday night I started a new Bible study with some friends. It's different than any other I've done. It focuses on discipleship. It challenges us to look at who we are discipling and what we're doing to further the Kingdom. It encourages us to invest in others. 

As I read through my required reading I realized...I need to be intentional. Intentional means done on purpose or deliberate. I want to live my life on purpose, allowing the Lord to use me in ways to stretch others. I want to  make a difference for Christ.

Three things rang true as I began to study:

I need to lock my focus on the goal...heaven.  This is NOT my home. If I am always focusing on making this a more cozy space then my desire to see heaven will lessen. I need to spend time making deposits into my future home.  As I get inward focused I lose sight of my destination. My heart was challenged with a thought...what outreach am I doing, and allowing my kids to take part in? Life can take a hold of you and we forget to have a Heavenly perspective on the things we spend our time doing.

Be intentional as I disciple my children.  It must be my daily aim to seek to rear my kids in a way that all signs lead to Christ. Looking for ways to season their day with truth that will encourage their hearts towards seeking Him on their own. I need a plan, with points of action, that will remind me of the character I want to instill in them. I must seek His face each morning and get marching orders with specific instruction of how to handle the chaos that inevitably erupts.  

Time goes fast...where am I investing it?  Smart phones are great for reminiscing. Tons of photos saved on mine and many days I peruse through thinking back and smiling at pictures of my kids when they were super young.  I don't want get old and look back and question why I squandered  my time. Facebook, Gmail, and the like are all great things in and of themselves but they sure are time "suckers," right? I must ask myself what I can tweak and how I can invest more in the here-and-now as my children are growing. Many times I leave my cell in the car while going to a park or playground solely for the purpose of being in the present. And if we are in the present those ministry teachable moments will be there as well. Use every moment as one to lead them back to the cross.

Do you look @ your call as a mom and realize you are discipling your children?

What do you need to tweak in your life right now in order to be more intentional with motherhood?

Where is YOUR focus?

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