Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monthly Truths for 2014

Last night my husband and I had our weekly marriage night, where we share our concerns about our marriage and family. We read a marriage devotion about identifying some biblical truths you definitely want to cover with your children as they grow. Some Christian essentials you don't want them leaving home without. It asked us to identify what those were specifically for our family. We decided to create a theme for each month of 2014. This will allow us to hone in on truths with scripture to support it. Here are our themes:

February - God Is Love
March - Created in the image of God
April - We all need a savior
May - God provides forgiveness 
June - Thankfulness 
July - God wants a relationship with us
August - God has a plan for our lives
September - Giving is better than receiving
October - A city on a Hill
November - The power of the tongue
December - Loving Others
January - Stewardship - of our money, time, resources

How did we come up with each theme? We looked at our children, identified areas of struggle, and decided to create themes to focus on monthly. Allowing the Word of God to change their heart as we focus intentionally for a whole month. We plan to memorize scripture that goes along with our theme as well.  

What are some themes your family is focusing on in 2014??

Also, do you have a family idea you are currently doing that is challenging your kiddos to change? Share it below in the comment section.


  1. This is great. It's about being intentional about life instead of trying to deal with stuff when something crazy happens