Saturday, February 8, 2014


  1. 1.
    feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity.

I recently had a revelation that most of us experience at some point in our season of motherhood. I was bored. It had been a rough year of homeschooling, moving away, new baby, behavioral therapy, new church, new friends, Bible studies (with childcare) maxed out with no room, and bouts of sickness with the kids. Yeah 2013 was a crazy and exhausting year...and now moving into 2014 I found myself bored. Bored with where I was. Bored with the crazy attached to my very active children. Bored with the fact that I hadn't accomplished more in the last year. 

My revelation came as the Lord challenged me to do four things as I feel boredom coming on...
1. Pray & Read the Word - ask Him to refresh and give wisdom on how things could be different. Listen to His encouragement.
2. Change It Up- look for new ways to do old things. Hop on the internet and Google ideas for fun ways to change up your plans or schedule. 
3. Have Fun- allow yourself to "play in the rain." Try to reflect back to being a kid and how much you loved to have fun. Find those special and unique interests your kids have and look for ways to incorporate that into your routine. 
4. Ask your Kids How You Could be Better- this takes courage but you will be glad you did. Find a special time when you have a few moments to chat with each child and ask them, "What could Mommy be doing to be a better Mommy?" It allows you to see your weakness and shows your children what humility truly looks like. This exercise can be life-changing.

Are you bored? 

Which number above struck a chord with your heart today? Why?

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  1. Its Crazy the temptation to be bored or be in a rut! Your wisdom far exceeds your age. Fantastic post! Love you my friend!