Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If I Pray...

"So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him. May you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit."
- Romans 15:13

Three truths the Lord showed me in my quiet time today:
It's so easy to do everything quickly and efficiently these days, but why does it seem so hard to push pause and pray? So many things pull for our attention, but true change - in heart and deed- happens when we are still before Him for answers and direction. We have been praying for the past few weeks about school, therapy, and how to disciple our kids - especially my most challenging child.  Many days it has SEEMED as if God has been quiet with little direction. But I have felt led to just be still before Him and wait.

Yesterday our answer came - in such an unlikely way too! My son was at his occupational therapy evaluation at a new place when the doctor overseeing us suggested we check out a new place, Brain Balance (nationally known) that is coming soon to Naples, our home town, so we did! What an awesome encouragement - the testimonials were-  on their website to a mom of a child with Asbergers! We are checking them out as I type! I prayed for it, and here was my HOPE!

God promises that If I pray the result will be a life that is happy and full of peace. How true this is and convicting at the same time. I need to pause throughout my busy day, full of balancing life with three kiddos, and ask for HOPE, HAPPINESS, and PEACE. It is three things that will help me especially in those times when I want to throw in the towel. HE hasn't forgotten about me, HE hears my prayers, and like any good father wants to see me full of happiness and peace. But the only path to those three things STARTS with prayer. 

HE heard my prayers for a new beginning full of hope and peace - as we start our school year. The answer didn't come immediately, but HE doesn't promise that it will! My heart has such a hard time with patience, but I must remember how HE works behind the scenes making the perfect connections for my life. Sometimes it takes a little while, but it is well worth the wait as it brings such indescribable peace. We are excited to move forward and follow His direction as we seek Him in prayer daily - and watch Him work! How about you?

Do you feel sluggish lately, in a slump in need of peace and happiness?

Seek His face (Psalm 105:4) in prayer daily and ask Him for a fresh dose of HOPE for your family! 

Jesus loves you much and IS working behind the scenes even when it SEEMS as if He is silent!

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