Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depending on the Father

"If any of you lacks wisdom, ask our generous God
and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking."
James 1:5

The phone call at dinner yesterday was a bit jarring.  My 18 year-old son, elated and nervous, was seeking  advice.  Since the lad was 3, he has been dead set and unwavering on a political career. The Lord confirmed this direction to me by a dream when my son was 8 years, so I guess this shouldn't be as jolting as it is. My son has two opportunities,  both in politics that are truly AMAZING for any 18 year-old.  Both require a HUGE amount of responsibility and time, and will provide him opportunities beyond compare.  One will take him to another state for several months.  This is like the difference between getting a blow up slide for a birthday party or flying the whole party to Disneyland for the celebration!

Seems like a win-win ... the thing is, so far there is no peace about either opportunity.  

"Seek ye first His kingdom and righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you."
Matt 6:33  

All night long I wrestled in prayer.  The Lord has shown me that this blessed conundrum in front of my son, is really more about my son going to His heavenly Father for wisdom than about these "important connections." God is training him to rely on Him, to hear His voice above the noise of "potential success" and to press into the heart of his Father.  

God wants us to ask Him for wisdom.  He wants us to go to Him for direction.  He wants us to depend on Him and not our own understanding. We demonstrate our trust in Him, when our heart is simply to honor Him above all else.

"Jesus, please help us to see our lives and circumstances from Your perfect perspective.  Reveal Your wisdom in our choices, and may we honor You in all of our decisions and actions.  By faith, Abba, we choose what will glorify You.  Amen!"

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