Monday, August 4, 2014

Chores Can Teach Kids Much

Our family has started to incorporate some routines and chores for our kids as of late. It has been super helpful and really given us a sense of community as a family and allowed us to get more organized as well. Here are a few lessons God has weaved throughout this process for us:

 Having Chores Teaches Many Things:
                  Structure- following a routine
                  Contributing to the Family
                  Builds Confidence
                  Good Work Ethic
                  Importance of Organization & Cleanliness
                  Gives Sense of Order = Less Anxiety

Start Small & Attainable 
1) Find three things your kids can succeed 
    at and need to do. (ex. make bed, brush teeth, get dressed)
2) Create and print out a check list for each child for the week.
3) Reward kids when they achieve their goal.
4) Increase the amount of chores by one each week. 
5) Verbally praise your kids as they are diligent. 
   *This is especially good for those kiddos that struggle.
6) Don't give up even on those days that don't go so smoothly!

Incorporate Biblical Truths Into the "Why" We Do Chores
1) Find scripture to support the importance of diligence, responsibility, ect.
2) Memorize, as a family, those truths for later reference :)
3) Post God's Word up as reminders to all.

Have you started doing chores with your kiddos too? Any helpful hints? Leave them in the comment section below.

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