Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Treasured Moment

                      Let everything that has breath 
                                 praise the LORD  
                                  -Psalm 150:6

Tonight I had a treasured moment. I laid down with my son, as is tradition when Daddy works late, and we began chatting about life. Sweet nothings that I hold dear to my heart because my son is not one to "chat" much. As it got a bit later he rolled over and held onto me and fell asleep. I began to cry, in gratefulness to the Lord, for that moment. As we cuddled together I was blessed beyond words.

At times, since we moved to Naples, I have felt my son has changed dramatically and his behavior has been very challenging. The sweet, loving little boy seems (at times) to be distant and I have cried out to the Lord much in anguish over this.

It's a season. One of adjusting, praying, seeking counsel, having tests done, and striving to look at my child how the Lord does. A time of stretching and seeing how my own heart needs change. It has caused me to cling to Jesus like never before, but don't trials always do that? It's that bitter sweet spot of... being broken yet holding His hand for strength and support at the same time. Where my weakness is of great value because it catapults me into the peaceful arms of my loving Savior. 

As crazy busy as life is, I need to to pause long enough in those moments, of cuddling with my very unaffectionate son, to praise my God for the little joys He brings my way.  God is into the details of my life. Of your life. In those moments of being refreshed, I need to lift my head towards Him and say, "thank  you" to the lover of my soul.

What can you praise Him for today? What "sweet cuddle" has He sent your way to show His love?

Is the season of life you are in, right now, a tough one? HE sees. HE cares. HE loves you.

"I can faithfully tell you there is not a test or trial that I have ever gone through, no matter how insignificant, that if I turned it over to the Lord He didn't do something eternally profitable with it. I have learned more about the Lord God through tests and trials than any other way." - Kay Smith

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