Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween: "Truth & Treat"

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What is your family traditions for Halloween? Picking out your child's perfect costume? Decorating your house with orange and black? Is it going to a local Harvest Gathering? Trick or treating around your neighborhood? Special art & craft? Sometimes we can get consumed with the candy consumption/distribution part that we completely miss out on ministry opportunities that abound if we are a willing vessel :)

Photo: Our kids prepared "Truth & Treat" bags for outreach opportunities tomorrow. Pray for hearts to be receptive.

I love this! A friend of ours posted on Facebook their family's Halloween outreach for tomorrow: "Truth & Treat" bags! Scripture hand written by their kiddos along with a sweet treat too! A small way to bring a bright light on a holiday that can be dark.

Another idea is collecting canned goods for the hungry instead of candy. It's a great way to allow our neighbors to be a part of ministry too.  It helps to have a brightly colored handout reminding of items needed and when they will be picked up.

These are just two of the many ideas of how you can be a bright light on a dark night :) Pray and see how HE might use you to make an impact for Christ.  Ask your kids for suggestions. They are full of ideas and will LOVE being part of the planning in your "adventure" on Halloween. Be creative. Be safe. Have fun. Reflect Jesus!

What are your family Halloween traditions?

Want to make some new ones?? Try one of the above suggestions or create your own!

Allow Him to use you mightily on Halloween!!

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