Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unexpected VISITOR Reminded Me of Truth

Yesterday was a nutty day. It was busy with tons of activity both on the playground and in the kitchen. My house was in COMPLETE disarray with dishes piled high, toys all over, and many things laid out. My husband had plans to get together with a few friends, meeting up first at our house, to do a hospital visit together. Honestly I was tired. I was really hoping James, my husband, would just run outside and meet the guys, at their cars, where I wouldn't have to "entertain" or worry about my house. Well the Lord had other plans and a few lessons along the way :)

One of those faithful men got to our house early! AAAghh. As I welcomed him in, all I could think about was the clutter in my home and how it must look to an "outsider." I was stressed yet trying to act "normal."  I tried to smile and talk as I wiped down and organized my clutter as I realized he could care less about the state of my house, but just wanted to sit on the couch and veg with our family. 
Don't Worry About Clutter & Crazy - your unexpected company came to see you & realizes life happens. 

Do Welcome Them With a Smile & Act As If Jesus "dropped by." Try to slow down and ask about his day as you would if it were Jesus. It made no sense to stress & frantically clean when he had already seen the state of my house and came in anyways :) Remember they came to see you not your home. 

Don't be Afraid to put Kids in Time-Out When Company Is Over. So in this season of life we are in, it seems each time we have company over my kids test the waters. Curious if they will go in time out while we chat with company. It is so important, Moms, to remind your little ones that even if company over our "family rules" remain. 
*NOTE- "Pre -Activity", warning kids of expected behavior/consequences for misbehaving, ahead of time always helps kids to align with the rules better.

So last night was no different, my son decided to jump on our couch around our company (he was so excited) even after warned time-out would be the consequence. He spent 4 minutes in his room and came out ready to obey in the presence of our company. Consistency is key, Mommies :)

Do Take a Break & Enjoy Their Unexpected Stop
Stop the routine and sit down. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your friend who came by. Allow a break in your day to entertain someone... in the name of Jesus ;) Refresh them and you too will be refreshed. They may need a word of encouragement or maybe they brought one for you! 

How do you handle unexpected company stopping by?

Remember your little ones are watching and will do as you do.

Mom, when was the last time you took a "coffee break" with a friend and allowed yourself to be refreshed? 

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