Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Mommy of My Word

It seems there are some lessons the Lord is continually teaching me. The reoccurring theme this week was to be a mom of my word.  Many times our plate is full,  we get preoccupied doing many things, and loose sight of how important our "word" is to our children.

Tonight I resolved to be a mom of my word, and got my kids out of bed to prove it. Earlier today, my husband and the kids carved out a Star Wars themed pumpkin. They were super excited and had been counting down the days until carving time. Once done, I shared how cool it is to see the jack-o-lantern lit up at night and told them after dinner we would do that. I had totally forgotten saying that until my kids were in bed, tucked in, prayed over and practically falling asleep.  But I remembered the lesson Jesus has whispered to me all week, "Kate, be a Mommy of your word."

So, I got the kids up quietly and took them, with pumpkin in hand, out front to light up our Star Wars jack-o-lantern. We took turns blowing out the candle. Such a simple thing that they LOVE doing. There were ecstatic and thankful I had remembered. So was I :)

Would your kids characterize you as a "Mommy who keeps her word?" 

What are some good practices you can put into place to let your "yes be yes?"

“Integrity is keeping a commitment 
even after circumstances have changed.” 
 ~ David Jeremiah 


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