Friday, May 10, 2013

Mom and Meme!

As Mother’s Day approaches it becomes increasingly emotional to watch the advertisements on the television.  Many seem to conjure up all kinds of nostalgic memories of little ones being spoiled and pampered by selfish women who give with pleasure until it hurts.  I’m left feeling weepy and just want to pick up the phone and call to say, “Thank you!” to my mom.
         I am blessed to have not only such a wonderful mom but also an amazing mother-in-law (“Meme.”)  As Sunday approaches and I consider this past year, both Mom and Meme have awed me in the same area.  The area is the way Mom continues to love and serve my Dad and my Meme has loved and served my father-in-law (“Bop.”)
         You may be rolling your eyes with the, “yeah, yeah, yeah, big deal…” However it has been extra sweet this year in particularly.  I have shared in my posts in the past the advice I had received, “The best gift a mom can give to their children is to love their dad!” 
         After a combined total of 105 years,
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these four people have chosen to stick together!  In the past year, both my Mom and Meme have cared for very sick husbands. They have walked with their men through some very very dark physical days.  They have made tough decisions and had to be strong (physically and mentally) as they have cared for them.
         If you are reading this, it’s most probably because you are a mom.  Everyday God uses your hands and feet and mouth, your mind and heart to do the impossible.  I salute you.  I find myself jaw dropped as I hear about and watch young moms and old in action.  Most of what you do will never be noticed or acknowledged.  Yet we keep pressing on out of love.  Love for our children, our homes, our husbands and for the Lord
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As I flip through magazines this season and read articles of how wonderful mothers are, I can’t help but be grateful for the two moms the Lord has placed in my life.  I thank them, I applaud them for continuing to love and persever.  It means more to me with each year how vividly I see my Mom love my Dad and Meme love Bop.
Girls, its worth the effort! Love your spouse!  Let your children see your love for their Daddies.  May this be your best Mother’s Day ever!
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love others as you love yourself."  Luke 10: 27


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