Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How Will You Wait?

"He will do this."  -Psalm 37:5

"He knows the way that I take."  -Job 23:10

Thursday was a day of anticipation and excitement awaiting the arrival of Kate's little bundle.  The day was hopeful as every noise my phone made I'd look to see if there was any news.  Hopeful anticipation.

I was reminded that our waiting in any circumstance should be just that.  Hopeful anticiaption knowing that in God's timing everything will come to pass that is in His will.  Unfortunately, anticipation can turn into expectation very quickly and our HOPE turns to disappointment.  Why isn't it happening in my time?  I wish this thing would come sooner....

As Thursday went along, I'd find the time going by slower the more I looked at my phone, but as I became fully invested in my day and focused on the task at hand, that's when the news of Kate's new baby caught me off guard and in turn was a true surprise!

Will you allow Him to surprise you by diving into your days, weeks and months unbridled by worry and expectation?  Giving Him the reigns while you anticipate the next turn with hope?

Give it to Him.  Continue to seek, serve and love those around you while His plan is put into motion.

When told, "It's a gray day," an old Scottish cobbler once replied, "Yes, but didn't ya see the patch of blue?"

What glimpse of hope do you see in your time of waiting?  What patch of blue?

I've prayed this so many times, but help us to stay out of your perfect way.  Give us patience in our waiting and guidance in our every day.  Help us to keep our eyes focused on You. 
In Your Name,

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