Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don't Be Naive

 I will set no worthless thing before my eyes... I will know nothing of evil -Psalm 101:3-4

The other day I had an enlightening conversation with my husband about how subtle the deep rooted messages are on television these days. If the message is given in small dosages over time then we find ourselves at a place of acceptance of things that at the core of who we are know are wrong

Case in point: Modern Family. A funny sitcome at first, but one with innuendos weaved throughout the half hour show. We can find ourselves laughing over things that breaks the heart of God. This can happen with our shows. This can happen with the shows our kids are exposed to as well.

I am pretty cautious of what my kids are exposed to video/movie/dvd wise. When picking out the videos at the library, in the kid section, my boys have to get my approval before we go to the check-out counter. I am just that way! I want my kids to honor the Lord with what they put before their eyes.

Recently someone blessed us with an Apple TV as a house warming gift. At first I was thrilled because it ushers in MANY kiddie cartoon movies with the touch of a button.  Some Christian some not. We decided to let the boys watch an old cartoon, that my husband and I had both watched as kids, without viewing it ourselves first. No big deal right? I mean it is a cartoon, and how much crazy can be in a cartoon?

Well it was about a week after we started watching this cartoon  that my son made an obsene gesture that he had seen on TV. I immediately questioned where he had seen it and after a few guesses he confessed it was that old cartoon series we had allowed him to watch. 

I was so disappointed with his decision to act that way, but also in my poor judgement to allow him to watch a show I had not previously viewed with my "mommy wanting us to honor the Lord" eyes. But it was a lesson. For me. For my husband. And most importantly it opened dialog with my son about this issue. 

Ladies be cautious and careful allowing your children to pick an "innocent" cartoon out to watch that you have not previously viewed.  There is such comfort as I push play and my kids are watching a Christian kids video that is encouraging them to love Jesus. Be wise and guard your child's mind from the visuals the world puts out there. 

 Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds - Proverbs 27:23

What filter do you use when selecting the videos your child watches?

Do you think anything needs to change in order to honor the Lord with what YOU, as a mommy, are watching as well?  


  1. So true, Kate! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The other day hubby & I were watching our (my) favorite movie with my mother-in-law. We've seen this movie like 1000000 times yet I didn't realize until we saw it with her how many times they said things that aren't in our regular vocab, ya know. I was embarrassed and had to literally hit the mute button once (because I know the script so well). Why do we watch that kind of stuff? Does it honor the Lord? Nope!