Friday, May 29, 2015

Ruth and Lilly

   Ruth had no idea how, or if, her redemption was going to play out. In the third chapter of Ruth, we are left with a cliffhanger.  Either Boaz would redeem her, or there was a more close redeemer who could. She may have ended up being redeemed by another redeemer.  The final instruction from Naomi in Ruth 3, is found in the last verse.  Naomi encourages Ruth to wait…essentially because she could trust “the man!”  Naomi was giving Ruth a hope for tomorrow.
         I have found this principle of a “Hope for Tomorrow” important as we parent.  There are so many activities we need to complete with our children in tow.  They learn that moms are not all about “playing” with them. 
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The children learn moms must shop, clean, do laundry, work outside the home, participate in church and community activities and many many other things.

         This morning as I walked our dog just after seven, I saw our neighbor’s front door wide open. The sound from inside the house initially made me concerned what I was going to hear.  It was the voice of second grade Lilly, who at the top of her lungs said, “Today I’m going to get a Root Beer float!”
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         I envisioned all her second grade classmates having celebratory parties as school finishes this week.  Lilly’s focus was on the “prize,” a root beer float.
         Over the years as I’ve parented, I’ve come to realize the importance of giving our children something to look forward to.  It can be considered a reward for accomplishing a goal, or it can simply be a treat.
         It’s easy to get so caught up in our own chores and to-do lists, that we neglect just having fun.  Celebrating another day together. In a small way this is teaching our children that there is a something to look forward to, a hope for tomorrow.

         Consider this week how you can have the goal to have fun with your children.  Take them on an outing or a visit with a friend, make homemade cookies or go have a “Root Beer float!’  The Lord Jesus has given all Believers something to look forward too, lets share with our children there IS hope for tomorrow!

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