Monday, June 1, 2015

"My 2015 Summer Bucket List"

After looking at the way things are on this earth, 
here’s what I’ve decided is the best way to live: 
Take care of yourself, have a good time, and make the most 
of whatever job you have for as long as God gives you life. 
And that’s about it. That’s the human lot. 
Yes, we should make the most of what God gives, 
both the bounty and the capacity to enjoy it, accepting 
what’s given and delighting in the work. It’s God’s gift! 
God deals out joy in the present, the now. 
It’s useless to brood over how long we might live.
-Ecclesiastes 5:18-20, MSG 

Lately, I have seen a few friends post on Facebook about their family's "Summer Bucket List." Then I clicked the link below and decided that I, too, would make a list of things my fam would like to do this summer. How fun. Allowing my kiddos to share those things their heart longs to do. Have you made your "Bucket List" yet? Set a date to sit down with your kids, grab some popcorn and spend time taking an inventory of their interests. They grow so fast and hobbies change oh so quickly! Savor these moments they want to spend time with you! Someone once said, "The days are long, but the years are short." So true. So very true. 
Hope you enjoy the link below as much as I did!

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