Monday, June 22, 2015

Don't Be Such a Cynic defines a cynic as:
a person who shows or expresses a bitterly or sneeringly cynical attitude.

As of late, I have realized I was a cynic. Oh yes I would mentally judge and question those moms who had to have organic, had to have gluten-free, and those who disliked processed food. Thinking and wondering how food choices could really alter all that much. 

Now I am a believer. Yep. A few months ago, we were assigned a nutritionalist to help guide us through Aspergers and the effects of healthy eating. It has been life changing for my son...and the rest of us too! All this happened after his blood test, where we were given a list of food intolerances. We began weaning off those foods and it has been AAAMAZING! 

I now have foodie conversations with many moms and share my experience of the change we have seen. Something as simple as food. A few different choices here, cutting back on this, beginning to eat that, and our life has been on a new path. One where my son's behavior looks drastically different and my heart realizes how judgmental and cynical I was until in their shoes. 

God reminded me that just because I am not following in their foodie footsteps, it doesn't make them wrong. Just different. As a mom, there are so many choices to make. Food is just one of them. Don't judge other moms if they feed their kiddos different. Just love God and love others. Accept people where they are, and how their convictions may differ from yours. It's ok. 

Are you a cynic? Do you look at other moms and judge how they do things just a bit different than you? 

Ask the Lord to refresh your mind today :)

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