Monday, May 25, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

Lately, God has been challenging me to look inwardly at my heart. It began Wednesday night, when my friend, a single-mom of two grown children, came to our house for small group. While I scurried about trying to get things in place before the others arrived, she mentioned how sweet my Mother's Day bookmarks were the boys made that were hanging on the frig. Each bookmark shared what they loved about their mom and then inked their fingerprint on the bottom of it.  I stopped as she said it, not sure if she was being sarcastic or real. As I turned to look at her face, her response was so genuine and heart-felt.

Their responses were simple: 
-she gives me gifts
-she loves me
-she cuddles with me
-I am her son

Simple responses that I was so ungrateful for, initially (Even though I gave great gratitude to the boys the moment they gave me them!). Yes, its been a crazy busy tough season. I guess when I received them I was hoping for some monumental response like, "She sacrifices for us each day and loves Jesus much!" 

My sweet friend, from small group, was thankful for those words my kids had written on the bookmarks, now appreciating the small stuff even more since her kids are grown and gone. I am sure she would love to receive another bookmark from her kids telling what they love about her. That season in her life is over. Receiving bookmarks with love written on it, only happens for so long.

I found that my heart needed adjusting and that I needed to be grateful for those innocent and real words my kids wrote. I need to be thankful for the little things in life. Realizing this season is short and will be gone before I know it.

God places people in our life to re-direct our minds back to Truth. Now every time I look at those cards I am very grateful for another day with my kids. Remembering I am a work in progress...just like them. 

Has God placed a person or circumstance in your path that has caused you to look inwardly at your heart? 

Ask God for one thing this week that you can be working on as a Mommy. Tell a friend - so she can be praying for you in that area! 

Remember we are ALL a work in progress!

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