Friday, May 8, 2015

Line up Wonder Women!

         I guess I had some romantic notion.  I mean, it is my moms’ fault.  She made mothering look so easy, so inviting.  I thought there was no job I would rather aspire to. 
         I should have realized as I waited in a long line at the women’s bathroom at six months pregnant with our first child.  I can remember wearing a red dress with a white Peter Pan color thinking I was terribly fashionable for the performance of the Broadway hit, “Porgy and Bess.”  But as I stood in line with 40 other women all vying for a moment to go potty I realized no one cared of my condition.
         The lady in front of me commented how she remembered how frequently she needed to go to the bathroom.  Then the lady in front of her and the one behind me all began to empathize with me.  You would have thought one of these compassionate mothers would have gladly escorted me to the front of the line or at least allowed me to pass them in the line.  But no.  They were content to talk about “understanding” my condition.
         This should have been the fair warning to motherhood.  Lots of “understanding,”  lots of heads nodding and wagging and empathizing but minimal help.
         But my mother?  Well, that’s another story entirely.  She made motherhood a noble, desirable, over-the-top attractive profession. However today was the real day of discovery!  I am finally sure!  I’ve had my “wonderment,” but now I know…My Mom is Wonder Woman!
      After finding this plague, I’m convinced my mom IS Wonder Woman.  If you need a 150 reasons, I can give you more.  I hope many of you think your mom is Wonder Woman.         Because I know many of you who read this blog, I will respectfully put my mom at the top of the Wonder Women list and add yours!
Happy Mother’s Day fellow Wonder Women!  May this Mother’s Day be your best!  Love you girls!

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