Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"You Knew I Could" By Fran Maynard

I’ve been sick, with the flu, so I was going to see if someone else could write for me but after being encouraged by a friend, I decided to write what’s been going on in our home lately.  I figured someone other than myself might need to hear it too...

We seemed to be in a season where we were watching our son struggle.  Where our hearts ached wanting to do anything to fix it for him.  Training, disciplining, loving, correcting, praying and so forth.  However, to no avail, the behavior was still a struggle.    

He is only 6 so the behavior he struggles with are minimal, but for us to watch our son display less then godly character to his siblings and his family saddens us.  It’s not just the ordinary brother sister rivalry but something a parent senses when there is a deeper heart issue going on.  

So, in my time of sickness and quiet I had time to pray and listen.  I had time to ask the Lord how to get through to this boy who was hurting.  So that day when he got home from school I took him aside and told him that I loved him very much and that he was going to get through this.  I explained mommy was going to be consistent about disciplining him for his poor choices but that I knew Jesus was going to help him make positive ones.  I told him with the help of Jesus we were going to get him back on track no matter what and that we were in this together. 

Ladies please don’t miss this.  The next day, I watched my son interact playfully with his siblings, something he’d been struggling to do lately.  That evening with a smile on his face he said to me “Mommy you helped me do this, you knew I could”!  Both in tears we prayed together and thanked Jesus for this victory.  

Is your child struggling with something?  Maybe it's time to ask the Lord if your child needs your assistance?  The result may be priceless!

Lord Jesus please help us be students of our children.  Help us listen to them and have wisdom to know when our children need us and when they need to work through something on their own.  Thank you Lord for this wonderful job called motherhood, please help us to do it the way you intended!  Amen 

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