Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

A day of celebration. A day of reflection. A day of joy. A day of remembrance. A day of stories. A day of wonder. A day of gifts and treats. A day to ponder. Mother's Day!

As I sat in church last night, I listened as the pastor shared stories of his wife. The kind of wife and mommy she is. I smiled at the encouragement he brought to us. Sweet reminders that we are not perfect but we serve a God who is. One illustration told how his wife scrap-booked and was really good about making family photo albums each year. They leave them on the table in their living room to share with visitors as they come to their home. For a moment...I sat and thought about how I don't do that. How I am failing big time in that area. In a moment, I went from feeling encouraged and empowered as a mom to..."Wow, I am really missing the mark in that department!" Sure I love to take pictures and post to Facebook but printing them out is a whole nother story.

There it was...the sneaky little "comparison" button that satan so often likes to push in my life. My weakness. So I decided in that moment rather than sulk about what photos I didn't print out last year that I would make an effort to start making photo albums more often. Not giving satan space in my mind to ponder the "what if's" but to allow the craft of another mom be an encouragement for me to do the same.

What if we did that, Moms? What if we decided that we wouldn't be threatened by other moms but allow their successes to nudge us in the same direction. Today we will see many posts on Facebook of what husbands did for their wives. What cute crafts your child never made you. What restaurant you can't afford but your friends went to for Mother's Day. Instead...lets enjoy whatever we have in our life. Right now. Let others' successes be a nudge for you to try out some of the same things. Not threatened but encouraged. So as you look through Facebook and email today, be encouraged with what YOU have! God loves you Mommy! Keep seeking His face in all you do!

"Commit your plans unto the Lord and they will succeed." - Proverbs 16:3

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