Saturday, May 16, 2015

Unexpected Opportunity for Ministry

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, 
making the best use of the time.
Let your speech always be gracious,
seasoned with salt, so that you may 
know how you ought to answer each person.
-Colossians 4:5-6

We all have a "Meghan." A person God has strategically placed in our life. On a playground, at swim lessons, in Gymnastics, or at the park. Those moms the Lord wants us to interact with, shine His light on, and remind them of Truth. It happens in the most "coincidental" way. Our kids play/interact with their kids and it gives room for relationship.

Each Saturday morning, at 8 am, I meet up with my "Meghan." Her kids take swim lessons with mine. Usually early in the morning I am SO not awake enough for conversing, but lately God has pushed my heart to embrace Meghan and talk about life with her. 

As our kids swim, we share about family activities we do throughout the week. I have grown to enjoy those 30 minutes and  faith has been our topic of conversation quite a few times. She has shared her experiences with church, moving a lot, having family in the military, and learning to embrace the city we live in. Jesus handpicked our paths to align at the same time, same place, weekly for two months, knowing our conversation would lead to talking about God.

We plan the events of our day, where it is so jam packed with the urgent that we miss the important. Many times there are people right in front of us that we overlook because we are so enthralled in our problems, our cell phone, our agenda, ourselves really that we fail to notice the opportunity for ministry. 

God wants to use you with women the Lord has placed right in your sphere of influence. Those places you visit with your kiddos on a regular basis. Those moms you smile at and see on a regular basis.

Who is your "Meghan?"

Who has the Lord strategically placed in your path - that needs to be reminded of Truth?

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