Friday, February 6, 2015

Cheer De Leader

Let’s face it…it is hard to find an activity, a restaurant, a movie, a television channel or an ice cream flavor that the entire family will enjoy. As far as activities are concerned, about the only agreement our family has found is our love for football.
         We all cherish the season Greg coached little league.  His father and our oldest (daughter) were his assistants.  Our son played and our youngest was a “Cheer de Leader.”  No that isn’t a misprint; it is the way our baby pronounced “cheerleader.”
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         I was reminded this week of her early “cheer de leader” days when she played for me one of her new favorite songs.  I don’t know the singers name or even the title of the song.  The song seemed like a love song.  He was saying he had found a girlfriend who was a cheerleader for him, and he needed just that.
         I told our youngest how much I really liked the sound of the singers voice and I even liked the words of the song.  She agreed but admitted she didn’t understand why he said he “needed” a cheerleader.  This was a great conversation when I was able to talk to her about a man’s desire to be encouraged and believed in.  I gave her examples of my attempts to communicate to Greg that I believe in him.  We talked of ways we had “cheered” him on to be all that he could be.
         This week, I saw my mother once again be the poster child for encouragement, belief and “cheering” on others.  Our oldest had a crazy opportunity (that is a blog in itself.)  It was kind of risky but it was a chance of a lifetime.  She took on the challenge.  My mother was the first to send cards of encouragement to our oldest.  Moms cards were filled with the excitement and approval of her attempt.

         I have been inspired to look for ways to be a “cheer da leader” to my husband and children this week.  May you too, be inspired to cheer on those closest to you!  

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