Saturday, February 14, 2015

All I Want for Valentines Day Is....

-1 Corinthians 13:4-8

"What would you like for Valentines Day?"

A question we have either asked or been asked at one time. Oh there's a few things I would love to get from my honey. And those sweet nothings I enjoy picking up for my kiddos...just to see them smile and know they were thought of.

But I started to ponder how Jesus might answer that question if asked.

I mean really...what would the Lord like for Valentines Day? What could I give him that he doesn't already have? He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, right?

One gift that doesn't cost much financially, but will cost something sacrificially - is living out this verse in the life of someone less fortunate. Maybe it's taking your kids to visit a nursing home to talk to the residents. Or making cupcakes for that widow in the church with a love note tucked in with tons of verses telling her how much Jesus loves her. Maybe it's asking those singles in the church to come over and hang out for a meal with you and your family. Or could it be...decorating some Valentines Day craft, with your kids, for your neighbor to enjoy? Maybe you keep it really simple and craft a card filled with what you love about that neighbor who seemingly never smiles.

Valentines is a day we tend to focus inwardly on us and what we might get, but instead God challenges us to look around and bless others with something simple that tells of God's love.

How will your family share the love of Jesus this Valentines Day? 

Be creative. Be simple. It means a lot to the ones receiving! Make memories with your kids.

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