Saturday, April 11, 2015

Always & Never

Lately I find myself saying "always" and "never" a whole lot to my kids about those crazy things they habitually do daily/weekly. It usually starts with frustration and ends with those words flying off my lips. I later regret saying that, because it really isn't ALWAYS or NEVER that they do it, but it feels that way because of how often I am disciplining them for that specific behavior. But God has been teaching me the detriment those words are to their souls. If they continually hear those words with the struggles they have...they will eventually stop trying. They will assume I don't believe they are trying since they are ALWAYS doing that  or NEVER stopping that.

What if God said that to me, when I fail in an issue I have struggled with in the past?

I never realized how powerful the tongue is until I became a mommy. It has the power to give life and death. It can lift up or pull down.  It can encourage and catapult our kids out of the rut they are in, and it can also discourage and place our kids in a pit feeling like a failure. It is my constant struggle in this season of raising three kiddos- one with special needs and homeschooling.

The struggle is to remain quiet when I want to share how I really feel. When I want to let my kids know how discouraged I am yet realizing it's not wholesome words in the heat of the moment. I am learning the art (yes it's an art) of holding my tongue and bringing my frustration before my Maker. In my quiet time with the Lord, I can let out all the ugly words I am feeling and be reminded of Truth. God reminds me to see the cup half full instead of half empty. He sheds light on their successes instead of allowing me to wallow in their failures OR mine.

How are you with holding your tongue? It's tough, right!

In your day, is there a time where you can get alone with God to share your heart and the struggles in parenting? If not, how can we schedule that in?

What is your struggle right now in parenting? We all have one- as sinners living life on earth.

Don't be afraid to tell God of your hurts, disappointments, and discouragement in parenting. Bringing up the next generation for Christ is such a challenging and awesome job all wrapped up together. One day you will look back on these lessons - grateful He loved you enough to change you - and share it with another struggling mommy!

God loves you! Don't give up! Seek Him in all you do and it will reflect in the beauty of your spirit!

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