Friday, April 3, 2015

A Lesson on a Dock

          The intent of last weeks Trailer was to provide anticipation of this weeks post.  The trailer carried the news I would be attending the High School Girls Retreat!  I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to: accompany 24 high school girls, travel the 6 hour drive, sleep in 5 cabins, be in a caravan of 4 vans, serve with 3 other adult leaders, and 2 camp house parents and endure 1 tick bite.
         The High School Girls retreat was so worth it!!  The Bible study was taught by each of the three leaders.  The teaching was on the fruit of the Spirit.   There were discussion questions following each teaching.  The discussion questions were followed by what appeared to be a lame illustration.  The physical illustration attached to each of the teachings preceded an even deeper level of sharing in our small groups.
         All that to say, one of the most memorable times of the weekend, was the first morning.  The girls were given general guidelines starting with the time and location for breakfast.  There were no requirements placed on them.
         As is my custom, I woke early.  I gathered my Bible, pens, journal and devotionals the coveted blanket (to cut the chill) and headed down to sit on the dock overlooking a very peaceful lake.
         As the fog began to dissipate over the lake, I would occasionally hear footsteps and voices.  I would look and acknowledge groups of three of four. When it was time for me to leave, the entire embankment was filled with girls with their Bibles and journals sitting individually waiting to hear the Lord speak to them.
         I was so blessed to see these girls choosing to spend time with the Lord instead of sleeping in.  As spiritual as the moment was, it was preceded by a funny comment in the midst of God trying to chat with each of us.
         Our daughter had chosen to come to the dock and sit where our backs almost touched.  She has not developed the regular habit of reading God’s Word but I was so thrilled she seemed to be starting.
         She had hardly sat down, when she spoke out, “I can’t wait to get a tan!”  It was such a contrast to what was happening I could only laugh and keep a smile.
         How often does the Lord attempt to give me spiritual truths and I come out with a comment that clearly reflects a total disconnect?  Sometimes it is maturity but other times it really is me keeping “me” at the center of “my world.”
         My prayer is I will keep my eyes on the Lord and not get distracted and caught up in myself.  I can ask my children to help recognize my tendency to distraction and then offer to help them keep their eyes on the Lord too!

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