Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Praise God Today for Who Your Child Will Be Tomorrow

Praise before Victory

And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. (Mark 14:26)

Praise is greatly honoring to God! In the Old Testament account of King Jehoshaphat, God’s people faced a seemingly insurmountable enemy who was determined to destroy them. Yet God assured them that they would “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord” (2 Chron. 20:17). The people of Judah believed God. Their army was led by singers, offering praises to the Lord for their promised victory, and the victory came. When King David led the procession bringing the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem, he praised God with all of his strength (2 Sam. 6:12–23). David’s praise was pleasing to God, and God’s powerful presence remained in David’s kingdom to give him victory against every enemy.

Jesus was about to go to Gethsemane and to the cross, where God’s greatest victory would be accomplished. He led His disciples to sing a hymn. The disciples were all about to fail Him, and Jesus was about to be cruelly executed, yet Jesus insisted that they praise God. Their praise looked beyond the cross to God’s ultimate victory. Praise is rooted not in circumstances of the moment but in the nature and trustworthiness of God.

You ought to rejoice when God asks you to proceed in the work of His kingdom because you know the victory is already secured. Don’t focus on the problems and failures of others. Focus on God’s assurance of victory. If you have trouble praising God with a song in your heart as you serve Him, it may be that your focus is not on God, but on your circumstances.  - "Experiencing God Day By Day" by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby

As moms, we see our children's struggles.  We know their "crosses."  But God encourages us to look beyond these struggles to His ultimate victory in them.

Know that the Lord, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him and bless His name. 
For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations. - Psalm 100:3-5

It is God who made us, and our children, not we ourselves.  So, praise God today for who your child will be tomorrow!  Be patient and allow Him to do His good work in them.  Rejoice in the God given privilege of  being your child's mother, for in this, you "proceed in the work of His kingdom." He chose you because you were the very best one for the job! "Don't focus on the problems or failures" in your children. Instead, "focus on God's assurance of victory!"  In the meantime, see them as perfect in Christ.  See yourself as perfect in Christ. Experience the freedom of giving and receiving grace as often as needed.  Be blessed today, sweet mothers, God is FOR you and your children.

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