Friday, April 24, 2015

When Momma doesn't feel good...

 Ephesians 4: 32
“Be Kind and compassionate toward One Another…”

         I have a desire to show compassion.  I read the Gospels and see example after example of Jesus coming in contact with mankind and being “filled with compassion.” Clearly the best way to become more compassionate is to identify with the one who is in need of compassion.
    In the last months, I’ve had friends give birth to their latest additions. They have older children so my friends are learning how to add multiples to their lives.

         My friends are tired, insecure, sleep deprived and really don’t know what to do with their newest additions.  My heart does go out to them.  I do remember what those adjustments were like.  I feel compassion for them.

         Since the week before Easter I have been struggling with the affects of allergies (who knew?)  I have had a sore throat, cough, terrible head congestion, headaches, etc. etc.  I finally had a doctor recommend over the counter medicines, and prescribe a steroid and an antibiotic.  After finishing the medication, three days later some of the same (and others that are more painful) are resurfacing.  I just don’t feel good.

         I don’t know what this sickness is about, but I do know I can now identify with those who struggle with allergy season.  I can feel compassion for those who are fighting the latest blossoms of our beautiful Spring foliage.

         A mom doesn’t have time to be sick or recover from delivering babies. A mom isn’t going to get a large amount of understanding, because generally the dishes continue to pile up, as does the laundry.  The children still need food.  They still need to get to their schools and extra curricular activities.

         Moms I encourage you this Spring day, lets look out for each other.  Do you know a mom who has recently given birth?  Do you know a mom who isn’t feeling good? Pray for them.  Take them a favorite movie, magazine or candy.  Ask the Lord to fill you with compassion and practically begin to care for one another"

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