Monday, April 13, 2015

Going Somewhere?

My family and I have been traveling a ton lately and love to use the super fun road application, Waze! It is updated in real time and warns you of upcoming traffic, hazards, red light cameras and even police officers.  It also has a friendly interface ... like an updated PacMan game.

Yesterday, we were heading south on the Florida Turnpike from Disney, the application took us down one road, made us flip a U-turn and head back in the opposite direction for a mile or two, because there was an entrance to the turnpike at a specific exit.  A little while later into the trip, it suddenly rebooted and changed our course because it found another route that was a few minutes faster.  It is super smart technology, updated constantly by other Wazers in the area.

As I listened for what the friendly voice was telling me to do next, step by step, I thought of my relationship with God.  I am ALWAYS asking for direction.  "What should I do about this?" or "Do You want me to walk in that seemingly open door?"  Sometimes He lets me see the whole picture and how long it will take to get there, and sometimes it is just one command at time.  Sometimes it can be a long stretch before I hear a command. I can even be on a direct course and then suddenly have my course adjusted!

I frequently question commands. It is my way of processing the new information.  I desire to know the whole plan, step by step and can get anxious when it changes or is unfamiliar.  Voices go through my head "I thought we were going to do such and such and now You are sending us there?" or "This doesn't look like what I thought it should?"


Eventually the LORD brings me to that place of sweet surrender.  He reminds me that I chose to give Him my whole life,  every part of it a bond servant to Him.  If He steps in and changes my course or gives me directions I don't understand, it is because He knows what lies ahead in the road. He even knows what WILL lie ahead in the road...He has a path laid out for me and I need to trust and not grow anxious double checking/questioning His direction.  Whatever He asks of me, pales in comparison to what He did for me...He is trustworthy!

Is there an area in your life that you are finding difficult to trust Him completely? Go back to the cross.  What He did there PROVES both that He can be trusted and He is worthy! 

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