Friday, November 7, 2014

        The title of our Bible study this week is, “A Woman of Beauty walks in Confidence” based on I John 5.   As we studied through the week, one of the main points seemed to be: "walking in confidence is enhanced by people."
         We studied Esther as she was given the news the Jewish nation would be destroyed.  Esther’s response was to gather the Jewish people to participate in a three day fast asking for God to intervene.  Esther gathered the confidence based on their prayers and fasting.  She was willing to jeopardize her life and the lives of the nation of Israel.  Those who prayed and fasted enhanced her confidence.
         I was reminded of when our youngest needed heart surgery at 4 years of age. 
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Oh, our Doctor had confidence!  In fact, he had so much confidence, it deflated mine.
         We gathered our church body to pray and fast on behalf of our daughter and the surgeon and the procedure.  As she was wheeled back into surgery, Greg and I entered the family waiting room with a small journal.  In it, were the verses our family and church body said they would pray over our daughter and the surgery.  I entered that waiting room filled with confidence!
         No, the confidence was not in the surgery or surgeon; my confidence was in the One who was hearing the prayers, who recognized the fast.  My confidence was not in the legal documents we signed to release our daughter into the care of the hospital, rather it was in those verses chosen for our situation.
         God chose to answer our prayers to save our daughter and completely heal her heart.  God also chose to enhance our confidence through the people we love and call family.
         I thought too of a less dangerous time in our family’s life when I lacked confidence.  We were new in South Florida.  I worried about the next day approaching.   I worried if we had made the right choice to move.  I worried about the fit of my husband and the ministry we moved for.  I worried about our unsold, unrented home.
         My mom gently encouraged me with, “Don’t worry about that “Shuga” God’s already there.”  I thought about the verse,
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  I knew this verse however I had never considered its practical application.
         Because God isn’t bound by space and time.  My confidence was enhanced by my mother.  She knew what I needed to hear.  She knew the Truth.  She blessed my confidence with the phrase, “God is already there!”
         How about you?  As mothers are we enhancing the confidence of our children?  Do our children appear insecure?  How can we encourage their confidence?

         My goal this week is to find concrete ways to enhance our family’s confidence.   Will you join me?  Let’s look back next week and consider how we have enhanced the confidence of our family members.

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