Monday, November 17, 2014

"That Moment" by Stacey Wooddell Imbimbo

Every mom, everywhere, has had “THAT” moment.
I had another one of those moments this morning.
You know THAT moment, the one where your kid melts down….in public.
I would rather rush to the bathroom, or even out to my van for some special, quality, one on one time with my little one. But, you see I had just picked him and his brother up from the church nursery.
I still had to go pick up their little sister.
The lines were long, and there were many “sorry” eyes looking our way.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I thought today would be a great day to wear my cute wedges.
I started to break out in a slight sweat….the wedges, melting child, the little girl wanting to be carried, and the last child questioning about his snack.
The trail of tears out to the parking lot was LONG.
Has anyone been there?  Can you at least picture it with me if your child has never “acted” out in public?
Sometimes, as moms we are stretched to a very uncomfortable place.
I tried all my true blue scenarios to calm my child down, and to reassure him that there was no need to freak out because they didn’t have time to pass out crackers in the nursery.
Sure, I was flustered, stressed, slightly embarrassed, anxious, and wanted to just go home.
It was a silent ride home, two of the three fell asleep.
During the drive I just called out to Jesus.  
Moms we need Him.
This amazing privilege we have to train up our children, I do not take lightly.
I fail, but the greatest joy is knowing that He is there to guide me, direct my steps, give me wisdom, and the right words to say.
So, when you have THAT moment, just remember He is there, just the mere mention of His name.
Psalms 46:10  “Be Still, and know that I am God…”

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