Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleepovers and Summer

         After a week out of school it was time to “christen” the official beginning of summer.  Hopie’s idea of welcoming summer was to invite a friend over last night and have her spend the day with us today.  Just before bedtime they decided to “bake something.”   They went on the web and found these great sounding recipes for cupcakes.  Their only parameter was they had to use only the ingredients we had…I wouldn’t be making a Publix run and they had to clean and put away everything they used.
At almost 12:30 they were pulling the cupcakes out of the oven. There attempt to make the cupcakes was quite successful.  They made beautiful looking cupcakes.
Google Image
 I thought I would soon hear them “Awe” over their yummy creations.  However, as soon as they cooled down, the girls put the cupcakes in the refrigerator.  They cleaned their mixing bowls, hand mixer, the counter tops, brushed their teeth and went to bed?!?
I thought this illustration is exactly what the Psalmist was trying to communicate in Psalm 34: 8.  David said, “Taste and See that the Lord is good.”  David wanted us to not only hear about the Lord’s goodness, but to experience His goodness. God’s goodness needs to be experienced.  It needs to be tried. 
Psalm 33: 5 The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.  The challenge is not to be like my daughter and her friend who made the beautiful cupcakes but didn’t eat them. Taste and See that the Lord is Good. Express your gratitude for His goodness. NEVER FORGET, GOD’S PREDISPOSITION TOWARD US IS GOODNESS!

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