Saturday, June 22, 2013

Exhausted & Overwhelmed

Yesterday my daughter Quinn turned four weeks old! I have been in a fog over here barely keeping my head above water...but it is above water. I am not drowning although I totally felt it last night as my newborn cried for a few hours without ceasing. As an exhausted mommy, I passed her off to my husband, when he came through the door, and ran off to take a much needed hot haven.

I wept for a few minutes and let the hot water wash away my tears. I realized that I am overwhelmed and need help. But there is only One who can help me climb out of this perverbial pit...Jesus.

Since giving birth my devotion life has been little to none. My wonderful husband has taken over (and done awesome) running our morning routine letting me sleep longer! But as I have done this my quiet time with Jesus has been obsolete.

I miss hearing HIS daily encouragement that HE has called me to this position called "motherhood." His sweet voice reminding me that He will equip me in those moments when I want to give up. I love those "AH HA" moments with Jesus that refresh me and lift my head. Those times that HE allows me to share with another mom some truth HE has shown me. All because I choose HIM. Carving out time to chat with the Creator is life changing and will breathe new life into your soul.

I need to discipline myself to rise and have some quiet time, again, each morning to let my Heavenly Father remind me of who I am in Him. How is your quiet time? Do you need to carve out some time to be reminded of truth too?? 

Keep me safe, my God, 

for in you I take refuge. 
I say to the Lord, 
“You are my Lord; 
apart from you 
I have no good thing.”
 -Psalm 16:1-2

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