Friday, November 27, 2015

For What is!

         Wow!  Yesterday was our 29th Thanksgiving as a married couple and our 26th as parents.  What a celebration!  With our oldest two children married with their own plans, this Thanksgiving meal we sat down with my in-laws, our youngest, and my beloved.  A total of five.  Crazy, for sure this is the smallest Thanksgiving I believe I’ve ever sat down to (except when I ate alone on the beach in Hawaii when I was 14, that’s another post in itself.)
         However, I love the simplicity of five!
         As with every year, I know next year will be different.  The difference can be more amazing (as we expect our first grandchild) and it can be daunting (as our parents health continues on a roller coaster.)
         Our journey so far provides the perfect table to say thank you to our Heavenly Father.  For what is, what has been and His presence for what will be.
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         As you enjoy lots of turkey sandwiches and leftover favorites may your hearts overflow with thankfulness for what is. 

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