Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shake it off!

Defeated? Depressed? Doubting? Disillusioned?

There is a very real spiritual battle going on. The devil and his minions relentlessly attack with lies, broken relationships, chaos, confusion, etc... the same old tricks they've been using from the beginning of time. They rigorously cause division, destruction and despair and their efforts are persistent.  They never sleep.  These evil forces know they have ultimately lost the war, but hate God (and us) so much they will try everything in their power to keep us from the Great Commission.

Because they can't steal our eternal position in Christ, they try to render our efforts paralyzed.  If they can keep us focused on ourselves via doubt, disillusionment, fear, etc., they keep us from proactively sharing Jesus' love with others.  Our self focus will cause us to miss what He has for us to do and that is their plan.  They act as though they are victorious, but the ultimate authority, the Holy Word of God, declares them foiled.  The devil and his minions pretend like they have succeeded, but in reality they are completely defeated, and on their way to eternal damnation.

According to the Word, we, children and heirs of the Most High God are victors. The outcome is already certain.  Unfortunately there are times we live like we are defeated!


That's right. We look at the impossibilities and obstacles instead of the One who is able! We waiver, lose hope and give up, instead of standing firm on the truth of the Word.

Ladies, we worship the omnipotent Creator of the universe.  He is the great I AM! He is the Beginning and the End! He is able and He is willing!

Ask, seek, knock and repeat!  Believe on Him for all things!  Shake off the lies of the enemy like you would flick away a pesky little bug.  Declare victory in Jesus' name and be steadfast in your trust of Him.  We are victorious warriors and there is ground to be taken!

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