Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Mamas!

         Because they don’t know to and they are a bit too excited this morning, please let me say, Thank you!  Thank you for all the gifts, all the time it took shopping and deciding what to buy and what you could afford.   Thank you for setting up and putting together toys for your little ones.  Thank you for smiling even when you were awakened by their clatter way before “the sun got up.”
         This day in years past have passed quickly, as will today.
         This is the day the Lord has blessed us with.
         My prayer is you will, “live the life out of this Christmas day.”  Don’t miss a thing.
         The laughter and sounds of the wrapping paper tearing, the smell of sweet potatoes cooking and how it feels to sit on the couch holding a beloved stuffed animal as the children squeal over their new toys.  Make note of each of these stimulates and ask the Lord to help you remember and cherish every moment as a mom.
         Just as Mary the mother of our divine Savior did, she treasured all these things in her heart.  Mary can certainly recall the details of being pregnant as a very young teen and raising a perfect child.  Mary was keeping (at minimal) a mental log of her precious first-born.  She saw His capabilities and watched Him grow in wisdom and stature.

         Treasure the moments of today, of each child.  Thank the Lord for the blessing of being a mother and keep (at minimal) a record of God at work in your home.  Treasure Him in your heart, share Him as often as His Spirit leads you. Enjoy your children and have a very merry Christmas!

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