Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Steeped in His Word

Do you enjoy sharing tea time with a friend?  I do.  Every now and then our kids and I have some tea time using beautifully painted dainty tea cups and saucers.  (Pinky out and everything.)  No matter who you are spending tea time with it seems to be a special time, like a time-out that’s good.  J

As you may know, to experience a good cup of tea you need to steep the tea bag well enough to make the water transform into tea.  The color of the water changes, the smell changes, and the taste becomes something delightful – all due to the length of time the bag is steeped in hot water. 

I was reading a book by a fellow momma Karen DeBeus over the weekend and one of the lines in chapter six was like this, “When we are steeped in the Word, we are transformed.”  This reminded me of tea time!  When our tea bag is well-steeped it transforms the taste, look, and smell of water into calming tea.  When we are well-steeped in God’s Word, we are transformed too!  Our thoughts change, our speech changes, our aroma to the Lord is sweeter. 

As fellow mommas, may we keep each other accountable to stay steeped in God’s Word each day of this new year.  Let’s not just write and read a blog about it, let’s do it!  Let’s train up this next generation to be steeped in His Word as well.  Our world will be transformed as a result.  To God be the glory!! 

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