Friday, November 6, 2015

"Just come over!"

Without fan fare.
Without a plan.
Without a written invitation.
It happened.  It was sweet and unexpected.
It was last minute and with only a minimal time window.
After exhausting possibilities of what could be.
The invitation came, by way of phone.

“I have everything we need for dinner, just come over.”

         And so we did.
         Just her dad and I.
         She and her husband.

         We walked in as she was rolling chopped apples in sugar and cinnamon.  We stood around her counter as she pressed out the dough.  She put them in individual tiny casserole cups and by the handful placed the apples on top.  Having arranged them on a baking sheet, she put them in the oven.

         We were invited to go sit 12 feet away into their living area.  The four of us gathered around the tiny coffee table as she sat on the floor and lit six or so well used candles.

         We talked and laughed about the day’s events. The “doneness” of the chicken was checked a time or two before we walked the same 12 feet back to the little four top table.

         We praised the Lord for the food and the brief time we had to share a meal.  The food deserved a Michelin Star. The company and conversation, the ease and the grace of the evening has no higher honor than for this grateful mom to say, it was a hallowed night. A gem of a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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